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The Media is Saying

Media coverage for Susan Foster and her book include:

Smart Packing tips featured on CheapOair-Low Fare Travel Service guest blog

Foster’s Tips used in Expert Opinion column, “Pack Like A Pro,” National Geographic Traveler,

“Pack wisely, and it’ll all fit in a carry-on bag” by Susan Foster, Special to
The Los Angeles Times,

“Pack Light, Ease Travel Woes” by Susan Foster,

“Resolve to open up the possibilities to places you’ve wanted to visit” column, listed as a Web site worth checking, The Kansas City Star

Radio & TV coverage includes:

“American News Feature” CNN International
“Parent’s Journal” (syndicated)
“America’s Travel & Dining Show” synd (frequently)
“Travel Smart” with Jackie Wolfer, Talk Radio America
“Jonathon & Mary” ABC Radio
“Travel Show” with Jackie McKay, KSL-AM, SLC, UT
“WOR Morning Show w/ Ed Walsh” WOR-AM, NYC
“The Travel Planner” w/M. Dixon, KTAR-AM, Phoenix, AZ (many times)
“Travel Talk Radio” w/Sandy Dhuyvetter (synd)
“The Travel Queen” MI Talk Radio Network (often)
And much, much more.

Foster quoted in the following columns and articles:

“First: Start With a Great Bag” article, Real Simple, Special issue: Travel 2008

“Pack smart, reduce stress” article by Elaine Gaston,
The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC

“ Waging the Battle of the Overhead Bin” by Michelle Higgins, Practical Traveler,
The New York Times,

“A Business Traveler’s Guide to What and How to Pack” by Kathryn Vasel,

“Coping with air travel: Pack light, know your options—and maybe go by train” by Beth J. Harpaz,

Associated Press (syndicated nationally, appearing in many papers and on many web sites during

April and May, including,,, Houston Chronicle, San Diego
, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Spokesman Review, Seattle Times, & Omaha World Herald)

“Smart Packing saves airline fees” by Charlie Leocha,

“Flying to Your Cruise Port Just Got More Expensive” by Linda Coffman,,

“Squeezing it all in for the new luggage squeeze,” by Samantha Critchell, AP Fashion Writer,
Press(syndicated nationally, appearing in many papers and on many web sites, including and
Chicago Tribune)

“Running on Empty” by Zachary R. Dowdy,

“Travelers furious over American Airlines’ plans to charge $15 fee for one checked bag” by Carol Pucci,

Seattle Times

“Save a Buck: Sky-High Luggage” by Sid Kirchheimer,
AARP Bulletin Today

“Paying for what you pack: To avoid extra fees, know the rules” by Carol Pucci,
Seattle Times

“Bring It On…Pack Like a Pro” by Michelle Deal-Zimmerman,
Baltimore Sun

“Now more than ever, traveling light really pays off” by Michelle Higgins,
The New York Times
(syndicated nationally, appearing in many papers and on many web sites around the country in June)

“Carry-on advice can save summer travelers time, money,” by Samantha Critchell,
Associated Press,
(syndicated nationally, appearing in many papers and on many web sites in May, including

“Don’t let rising airline baggage fees weigh you down” by Carol Pucci,
Seattle Times,  (syndicated
nationally, so appeared in many papers and on many web sites in June)

“How to Avoid Paying Airline Baggage Fees” by Kelli B. Grant,

“ Avoiding airlines’ baggage fees might take some sacrifice” by Jaclyn Giovis,
South FL Sun- Sentinel

“Avoiding Baggage Fees: Organized Packing Tips” by Jennifer Thomas,

“Tips: How to Avoid Those Luggage Surcharges” by Mercedeh Sanati,
Globe and Mail

“Pack light — your back, wallet will thank you” by Sue Schroder,
Grand Rapids (MI) Press

“15 Ways to PAcking Perfection” by Kris Wetherbee,

“Smart Packing Advice from Expert Susan Foster,” by Jill Browne,

“10 tips for traveling light and saving on fees”

“Lighten up on the baggage; it’s the only way to fly” by Jim Byers,
Toronto Star

“Your Second Home | Wardrobes: Clothes for the Climate” by Billie Cohen,
The New York Times

“Style Matters: Packing tips help make style portable” by Judie Schwartz & Evelinda Urman,
Mountain News

To arrange an interview about today’s travel scene with Susan Foster, an energetic and articulate woman, just contact Kate Bandos at KSB Promotions at 800-304-3269 or 616-676-0758 •

Susan Foster

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