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About The Book

Smart Packing for Today's Traveler: Your complete roadmap for business and vacation travel.

Smart Packing reveals all the information, strategies, and tactics you need to transform travel from hassle-filled to worry-free. You'll discover everything you need to pack wisely for every trip and occasion – the right clothes to bring and how to pack them to avoid wrinkles. You can pack smartly and effortlessly. Now, finally, you will travel confidently and comfortably.

More than 400 detailed yet easy-to-follow, how-to illustrations and charts will make you a packing pro. This handy guide's index, complete resource list, and bibliography make Smart Packing travelers' top choice for packing information and solutions.

Smart Packing shows you how to:

  • Pack like a pro – what to take and how to pack efficiently and effectively for every kind of trip from business to vacation, from cruise to golf to adventure
  • Pack light to sail through security, meet changing airline and TSA baggage weight and size rules, and still have everything you need for your trip
  • Cruise smartly and comfortably by selecting the best clothing
  • Know when to check your bags and when to carry on
  • Use timesaving, helpful packing tools. Select the best in travel gadgets
  • Pack for different trips: family travel, adventure trips, business travel, cruises, and golfing and other sports trips
  • Pack wisely to stay healthy and safe
  • Choose the best bag and packing method for each trip, and
  • Pack toiletries, cosmetics, and electrical appliances easy as 1-2-3.

Smart Packing for Today's Traveler delivers your roadmap to packing smart and traveling worry-free.

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Susan Foster

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