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SMART PACKING: Your Complete Resource for Hassle-Free Travel

"... every traveler has suffered the consequences of poor packing. Foster shares her best tips to pack like a pro."
Margaret Loftus, National Geographic Traveler

"I absolutely love your book & recommend it to everyone who is surprised that we have one carry-on each."
Karen B., Eugene, OR

Your source for packing light information, airline baggage rules, airport security updates, packing tips for every type of trip!

  •    What to take and how to pack for cruises, family vacations, business trips, adventure, golf and other sports travel
  •    How to transform family summer vacations from stressful to joy-filled
  •    How to have just what is needed for any trip whether you travel by car, plane, train or bus
  •    Ways to prevent and handle lost luggage
  •    The essentials for checking bags and for carry-on, plus new airline and TSA rules
  •    Return home rested having packed less and worn everything

And much more!

Check out our new eHow videos!

Leslie Willmott, our travel-savvy Director of Marketing, recently created a terrific video series - “Smart Packing & Travel Tips” - for eHow. Each of the 13 videos is 2-4 minutes long and packed with clear and useful information to help travelers pack smarter.

By the way, Leslie is also founder of Smart Women On The Go, an image consulting firm providing wardrobe strategies for women who want to travel in style.

Here is a sample of the videos - How to Pack a Suitcase 



All the packing information you’ll need to go for a relaxing weekend or a dream trip around the world. With more than 400 illustrations and charts, packing right is presented visually to make it easy to understand and to follow.
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Learn what to take and how to pack as Susan Foster shows step by step exactly how to pack one suitcase for just about any trip. Watch as Susan packs her 22” rolling bag for a one-week trip using the 5 steps to smart packing.
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Susan Foster

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